Since I started traveling, I noticed that flight schools were not totally straight-forward with the college students. I was also a target. Because that time I have grown into a Career Flight Teacher and even a flight college proprietor. I owned and operated 5 airplanes and have had many flight instructors working for me.To fly a fighter jet is not … Read More

With the holidays just a few brief months absent, now is the time to attempt to get extra money to invest on your friends, family and maybe even youself. You'll hear all over the news to try and NOT use your credit cards, as curiosity prices will kill you later on. It can be so difficult to determine how much to spend on individuals, and what you c… Read More

How do I choose a yacht broker to sell my yacht? How do I locate the right yacht broker to sell my vessel? These are concerns that you as a vessel owner might ask when it is time to promote your boat. In my communication with sellers, I find that most, if not all of them had no plan when deciding on the brokerage to represent them. Their option was… Read More

If you are a married man, creating a Will can be a dangerous illusion. The reality is there are no problems are solved without altering names on your accounts and home.Maybe ones family members loves the army 1 could go much with names like Colonel or General. Later in life when ones services tour is more than 1 can have people refer to them by the… Read More

If you're feeling tired, give your self some grace (a.k.a. cut your self some slack) and sleep an extra 1 or 2 hours for the first week or two. The experience of dropping a occupation can be extremely draining. Get some extra rest at the beginning to get your power levels up.A word of warning: attempt laying out the various components before you ap… Read More